Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Arguing for Christ Today 2010

Arguing for Christ Today
Summer Apologetics Course 2010
St Stephen's House, Oxford
15-17 June 2010
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A Catholic, theological and philosophical exploration:

For the third consecutive year, St Stephen’s House is offering a course in Christian apologetics this June. The lectures and discussions will explore the subject from several angles, bringing a full range of theological resources to bear. The focus will be upon apologetics from an Anglican Catholic perspective. We will explore what it means to give a rational defence and advocacy of the Christian faith, working from a Christian understanding of reason that takes in desire and the imagination along side logic.

The lecturers and topics for 2010 are to be confirmed. In previous years, speakers and papers have included the following:

The Revd Prof Alister McGrath, Introduction to the Theory of Apologetics and , Apologetics, Science and the New Atheists
The Revd Dr Matthew Bullimore, Apologetics in the ParishÂ
The Revd Dr Andrew Davison, Philosophy, the Bible and Communication and Theological Topics for Apologetics
The Revd Prof Graham Ward, Apologetics and Contemporary Culture
Mrs Lucy Gardner, Beyond Defence: The Gospel as Good News
The Revd Dr Richard Conrad OP, The History of Apologetics with an Ecumenical Perspective
The Revd Dr John Hughes, Proofs, Arguments and Objections
The Revd Dr Canon Robin Ward, Apologetics, Catechesis and Liturgy: Some Historical Moments
The Revd Dr Alison Milbank, Apologetics and the Imagination
Dr Stephen Bullivant, Meeting Atheism in the Twentieth Century: Some Theological Responses

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