Monday, November 10, 2008

Advent Book Reviews - Introduction

Over the next few days we will be posting a number of book reviews which are taken from the current Church Times in which Fr Edward Dowler, the Vice-Principal, and three leavers - Mary Ashton, Josphine Houghton and Daniel Sandham - review some books for Advent.

Here are the books being reviewed:

The Echo of God: A six-week course from Advent to Epiphany by David Adam
Kevin Mayhew £7.99 (978-1-84867-042-6) Church Times Bookshop £7.20

Insights: Christmas: What the Bible tells us about the Christmas story by William Barclay
Saint Andrew Press £5.99 (978-0-7152-0858-8) Church Times Bookshop £5.40

In the Bleak Midwinter: 40 meditations and prayers for Advent and Christmas by Herbert Brokering
Augsburg Books £5.99 (978-0-8066-8053-8) Church Times Bookshop £5.40

Joy to the World: 31 days for Advent by David Coffey
CWR £6.99 (978-1-853-45475-2) Church Times Bookshop £6.30

Do Nothing Christmas is Coming: An Advent calendar with a difference by Stephen Cottrell
Church House Publishing £4.99 (978-0-7151-4164-9) Church Times Bookshop £4.50

In All Senses: Daily meditations and prayers for Advent by John Cox
Kevin Mayhew £8.99 (978-1-84867-043-3) Church Times Bookshop £8.10

The Meaning is in the Waiting: The spirit of Advent by Paula Gooder
Canterbury Press £8.99 (978-1-85311-908-8) Church Times Bookshop £8.10

Celebrating Christ’s Appearing: Advent to Candlemas by Benjamin Gordon-Taylor and Simon Jones
SPCK £9.99 (978-0-281-05978-2) Church Times Bookshop £8.99

From Holidays to Holy Days: A Benedictine walk through Advent by Albert Holtz OSB
SPCK £8.99 (978-0-281-06088-7) Church Times Bookshop £8.10

A Handful of Light: Daily Bible readings for Advent and Christmas by Michael Mitton
BRF £7.99 (978-1-841-01247-6) Church Times Bookshop £7.20

Bethlehem Carols Unpacked: Creative ideas for Christmas carol services by Lucy Moore and Martyn Payne with BibleLands
BRF £8.99 (978-1-841-01534-7) Church Times Bookshop £8.10